​Zombie Apocalypse Laser Tag


Wireless M-4 Replica weapons with 150 shot magazines.

Guns POP and flash with each round.

Find your path and go through all 14 rooms.

Clear the dissipated manor hoarded with dozens of Zombies.

Kill Zombies with headshots only.

Avoid proximity to zombies, they bite!

Re-spawn in 7 seconds to continue your fight.

Score is based on kills and number of times bitten.

Find resources (objectives) for bonus points.

Mission = about 20 minutes of HIGH intensity fighting.

1022 S. Main St

Kokomo, IN 46902

(765) 252-3830


In Apocalypse, you and your team of 2 to 4 survivors use state-of-the art weapons to fight for survival as you clear the apocalyptic manor of the walking dead.

Your objectives:  Protect yourself and your teammates, “clear” all areas of zombies, and hunt for life-saving items in the zombie infested  dissipated manor.

Apocalypse is a completely new form of interactive entertainment, producing a new and unparalleled level of thrills and excitement.  Don’t watch it on TV.  Don’t play it on a console.  
Live it at Kokomo Apocalypse...

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